EveryBody Live Well

An initiative of Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District’s Division of Population Health. We provide information to help improve the health and wellbeing of people and the communities they live in. This information is:

  • quality-assured and reliable
  • up-to-date
  • locally relevant
  • easy to understand

The information on our site aims to help people understand the importance of staying well and adopting or maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While from time to time it may provide information about some medical conditions, it does not replace care provided by medical practitioners or other qualified health professionals.

We are fully funded by the Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District, with no commercial advertising or corporate sponsorship. 

A wide range of information

Our content reflects the wide range of health interests and needs in the community across the life span. It is based on:

  • national and state health priorities
  • current and emerging local health issues
  • findings from evidence based research
  • information that people have requested

Information you can trust

We use a rigorous approval process to develop and review for our content. This includes consultation and input from local subject matter and clinical experts, overview by the EveryBody Live Well Project Editorial team, and review by NSW Health where necessary. We aim to ensure that all information is current and remove material that is no longer relevant.

Linking to other sites

We don’t want to reinvent the wheel, and we know that there is a lot of good health information already available. We frequently link to sites which share our philosophy for health and wellness, and which originate from government, educational and other not-for-profit health or other credible health-related organisations, and which benefit our local communities.

The EveryBody Live Well team

The Division of Population Health is responsible for primary and secondary disease prevention across the Penrith, Hawkesbury , Lithgow and Blue Mountains Local Government Areas.

Our teams include:

Information on our site is generated by these and other relevant teams across the organisation. It is then produced and maintained by a team of professional staff with expertise in health promotion, writing, editing and communications.

Want to contact us?

We welcome your feedback about our site. If you have a query or comment, please get in touch with us through our Contact Us page. We do our best to respond to all emails promptly.

But remember – we do not give personal health advice.

EveryBody Live Well information aims to help people live a healthy active lifestyle, and to make choices based on their needs. It does not replace advice provided by medical practitioner or other qualified health professionals.

If you want health and medical advice, please see your doctor or other qualified health professional.