Stay Well Healthy Body

What is a Healthy Body?

There is no doubt that being in shape and having a healthy body makes you feel good and that if you are feeling good, chances are that you will cope better with daily challenges. That’s why it is super important to get the balance of exercise, nutrition and relaxation right.

As a nation we are growing – in all the wrong places. Technology has moved us to expect things fast and at our fingertips, we need to move less and we are eating more of all the wrong things. Convenience seems to rule our busy lives, and work is more sedentary than ever before, so it doesn’t take too much to figure we are going nowhere but wider…. Unless we pay attention and make a few small changes.

Apart from not feeling the best you can feel, overweight and obesity are two key risk factors in many chronic diseases. The sad thing is that developing a chronic disease can often mean exercising or moving even less, and so the spiral to poor health continues.

The good news is that it is never too late to make some small changes.

Fun, Food and Physical Activity

How healthy are YOU ? take the quiz and see how you stack up.

Exercise not only helps you stay in shape, but it’s a great way to get rid of stress and pump you full of energy which, funnily enough, also helps you to sleep better. You don’t need a formal exercise program or fancy gear, it may be as simple as adding movement to your work day.

When you get home take the dog for a walk or kick a ball with the kids. Whatever you do, make it something you enjoy and that you can do without it being a chore.

Eating well is super important too. It’s not about following a diet, it’s just about eating fresh, home prepared (or raw) foods a lot more than you eat take away or fast food (let’s face it what is faster than grabbing an apple or a banana if you’re in a rush?).

Here in our own Penrith, Blue Mountains Hawkesbury and Lithgow region we score high on the scales of overweight adults. If you’re worried about your weight take a peek at the calculator to see how much of what, you should be eating.

Remember if you are a parent, you are a really powerful role model for your kids.

Your eating and exercise habits are being absorbed as if by osmosis, from the time your babies are born, setting them up with behaviour patterns for life.


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