Physical Activity

Exercise Physiology 101

Much has been written about the health benefits of exercise, but for many of us the thought of stepping into a gym or slipping on the ‘active wear’ sends us into a sweat before we even start. 

But building physical activity into your day is something EveryBody can do. Regardless of  fitness level, chronic illness, or access to exercise equipment there are ways to improve your physical health, and THIS is where Exercise Physiologists come in. 

Exercise Physiologists (let’s call them EPs) are Accredited Allied Health Professionals who have 4 years of University training in order to assist people to live the best physically active life ‘for them’. 

The EP can work with people who have had injuries, long term medical conditions or who simply want to restore their physical health after a prolonged lack of activity. By starting small and simple, it is possible to build strength, improve overall health and create a feeling of general wellbeing; all through a gradual increase in physical activity.

Nepean Hospital is fortunate to have EPs in Cardiac Rehabilitation and Mental Health Services.These exercise specialists work with outpatients and mental health inpatients to restore their strength and physical health, while also activating ‘feel good’ hormones which help to lift their mood and improve brain function. Did you know that exercise can actually help to improve memory?    

But you don’t need to be a hospital patient to feel the benefits of working with an Accredited EP – they are dotted right throughout the Penrith, Hawkesbury, Blue Mountains and Lithgow communities; in fact this directory will help you to find one near you. 

These community practitioners can be accessed without a referral, but if you do live with a chronic health problem you may be entitled to received free or subsidised  sessions under a Chronic Disease Management Plan, so talk to your GP. 

Remember exercise doesn’t need to be a chore and it doesn’t need to feel like punishment, in fact it should be FUN. 

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