Let’s get physical

By now, many of you are feeling cooped up with your children, stuck at home and unsure about this whole “home schooling” thing. It’s a time to take stock and assess what is most important to them, to yourselves and to the family as a whole; and to develop some good coping strategies to help you all get through this unprecedented time intact.  NewsFlash…. running around outside DOES actually form part of their home schooling routine. While kids just want to have fun ..  there is actually science behind the lifelong benefits of teaching physical activity to children.

We tend to think that physical play comes naturally, but children develop movement skills at different rates; and helping them (and parents) to become ‘physically literate’ at a young age is being taken seriously by the NSW Dept of Education.

Physical play has obvious health advantages over sedentary activities… but the benefits goes well beyond a healthy body. Active games also encourage social interaction, cooperation and resilience …all great reasons to include at least 60 minutes of outdoor play activities in every single day.

The  NSW Department of Education, together with a range of partners have developed iplay, a brilliant new resource to assist parents and carers to build physical activity into their daily routine, and to understand its significance. Now, off you go and play!

Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District