social connection

New Help to Stay Connected

It may come as no surprise, that staying in touch with your friends, family and local community, is an important step in staying well. There has been a lot of research about the power of social connectedness, and its impact on physical as well as mental health.

While this is important across ALL age groups, it becomes especially important as we age and move into retirement in our later years.

Wentworth Healthcare / Nepean Blue Mountains Primary Health Network, have recently released a useful resource to help keep people connected into local health, lifestyle and wellbeing services.

My Health Connector is a simple website that allows you to search a type of service or a health condition, and then see what is available in your local area.

The list of services is growing, but currently includes things like social groups, financial support, housing assistance, health & well-being activities, transport, crisis management, education and employment.

You will find a link to MyHealthConnector in both our ‘Adult’ and ‘Seniors’ Programs & Resources sections, click HERE.

Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District