Sex and Relationships

Play Safe

Everything you need to know for a confident and healthy sex life, but were afraid to ask.

Play Safe has had a makeover. The NSW Health ‘go-to’ website has been repackaged with a brand-new, sexy look and feel.  The content of Play Safe is guided by young people FOR young people. It builds on the stuff you (hopefully) learned at school, and is full of info on safe sex, relationships, sexually transmitted infections … (how to avoid them and what to do about them) and everything you ever wanted to know about condoms.

It’s a fun site with quizzes, polls and competitions well as a blog and opportunities to ask Nurse Nettie your own private and confidential questions. Ask her the things you have always wanted to know.

If you are after a sexual health check up – or want to chat with a real person in the flesh, come and visit one of our local Sexual Health Clinics in Penrith or Katoomba, or head to your GP (remember everything you tell them is confidential).


Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District