Sex and Relationships

Winning in the game of life

If you’re caught in that tricky space between being a kid and a grown up, there is no doubt you’ve got loads of questions. Your body is changing, you start to want more freedom and there are so many decisions to make.

Morphing into an adult can be confusing but having fun is the aim of the game – so is staying safe…having friends … oh, and sex!

When is the time right? How do I know what to do? Who makes the first move? Will he/she like me ? What if I get an STI ?…or worse still…pregnant? …. Don’t panic, there are some great place to get information, like ask Nurse Nettie (she lives in the PlaySafe website where there is a ton of great info).

Then there is that really big one ….the ‘C’ word !  (no – not condom… although that’s a no-brainer, but more on that in a minute)  the big C word is CONSENT. 

When it comes to sexual relationships with anyone other than yourself, consent is everything! So before you move on, take just 3 minutes out of your life to learn that consent is as simple as tea

Now, just back to condoms for a minute …. Did you know that there are loads of places that you can get condoms and lube for FREE ?  (So there is no excuse, right ?)

Believe it or not, there is more to ‘adulting’ than sex.. So, no matter what the challenges are, make sure you always have someone whose opinions you value and trust to help you weigh things up – and then when it comes to making your decision,  always go with what feels right for you, because part of becoming independent means taking calculated risks. 

We’ve pulled together some of the most useful and fun websites for you, whether it’s dealing with bullyingrelationships, knowing how much of what to eatfeeling down, or drug use there is sure to be something useful for you… or a friend.

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