Age Well

What’s Age Well all about?

No-one loves the idea of getting older, and in fact many of us still see ourselves as that youthful and energetic ‘30 something’, but with less family responsibilities and a few more achy joints.

But what IS ‘old age’ anyway? According to the United Nations definition it may apply to anyone over the age of 60, but of course that depends on your cultural background your genetics and so many other factors; so let’s not focus on a ‘number’, let’s just think about that next stage of life.

Aging can be really positive. Finishing work can mean more freedom to do as you please, it can mean seeing a new generation of family arrive, and it can also mean time to really concentrate on what’s important to you. But to enjoy these new freedoms it is important to focus on maintaining your health.

Age Well aims to give you some tips on local programs and supports that can help you manage your health and remain active. It will provide you with a range of ideas from healthy recipes through to social activities, and community support services that can assist if life gets a bit overwhelming, and it can help you stay connected.

Have fun, get physical, eat well and talk to someone

No matter what age we are – having fun, and doing the things we enjoy are enormously helpful for overall health and wellbeing, especially if they involve building and maintaining social relationships. Social contact is central to maintaining a good sense of wellbeing as we age, and we know that connections with family, friends our local GP and the broader community, help to keep life in perspective and to solve challenges as they pop up.

Exercise takes on new meaning. Regular physical activity builds muscle and helps to control weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, pain, as well as bone and joint problems like osteoporosis and arthritis. It can also reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, some cancers, and help prevent falls and injury – some of the main reasons that older people find themselves in hospital.

Need to Talk to someone?

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