Health Tips

Small changes to help grow ‘super-strong’ small people in 2022

Go the H2O

Did you know that one cup of juice or soft drink contains up to 6 teaspoons of sugar ?  That means that if you child drinks one can per day for a year …they have added EIGHTEEN kilos of sugar to their diet!! 

Water is a better thirst quencher, it’s cheaper…and imagine how much you’ll save on dental bills.  Need more convincing ? 

Keep moving

Kids need physical activity every single day. The obvious reasons include burning energy and preventing overweight … but exercise and movement also helps to to grow strong, healthy bones and muscles (one of the most important muscles is our heart..) 

It  doesn’t need to be formal exercise … anything fun and physical like dancing, chasing friends or riding a bike will be just as effective. Need more ideas?

Sweet dreams

Kids and sleep can be a big issue – especially after the holiday season when life is out of routine.  Small people can become irritable, clumsy and unable to think clearly if they don’t have enough sleep … so setting some good habits and sticking with them can make the world of difference to their temperament and their ability to learn. 

Think of a night’s sleep as being a tiny holiday  – a chance for small growing bodies to take a break and prepare for the next day of fun and learning.  Sleep guidelines tell us that kids between 5yrs and 12yrs should aim for 10-11 hours sleep each night. 

Those dreaded veggies

Yep it’s true… kids really do need a wide variety of vegetables for good healthy development. We all know that they have their favourites (and their ‘don’t even make me look at it’veggies) .. but each vegetable has its own unique nutritional benefit. 

Chemicals called ‘phytochemicals’ give the rich colours to veggies and fill them with health benefits…  so the more variety the more different vitamins, minerals and nutrients will be there.  Have fun with the colours and aim to make the dinner plate into a rainbow each night.   

Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District