Value Your Voice

Today is World Voice Day – a day to pause and reflect on those busy little vocal folds that work tirelessly for us from our first cry until our last goodbye.

The human voice is the most amazing, cheap and versatile instrument known to humankind….it is as unique as our fingertips and yet we rarely give it a thought (until something goes wrong).

World Voice Day is a day to celebrate the magic of voice and its role in everyday life; communicating needs and emotions, entertaining, educating, protecting.

But it’s also a day to highlight the need for action when it lets you down.

Voice changes that last longer than 4 weeks (in the absence of a ‘cold’) should be taken seriously and checked by an expert in Voice Health (an ENT Dr or Speech Pathologist with special training in voice care). They should not be considered ‘a natural part of aging’ or just ‘one of those things’… but should be thought of in the same way as vision or hearing changes.

So remember to ‘Value your Voice’….’Love your Larynx’… and ‘Be alert for changes’

Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District